Construction Layout Surveys

Construction staking for commercial projects is a crucial step in the building process that can directly influence whether a project finishes on time, on budget, and free from errors. It is in the best interests of the construction company or developer to utilize the skills of a qualified Professional Land Surveyor to perform the staking. A good surveyor will interpret the plans and layout the project to best fit the site as the designer, engineer, or architect intended. By having someone with the skills and knowledge of a surveyor such as Foresight Land Surveying, the builder can be certain of the accuracy and reliability of the results.

Commercial construction staking is needed for a variety of different projects, including subdivisions, streets, utilities, and more complex, multi-story building sites. Construction staking is, at its most basic, the laying out of survey points on the ground to act as a guide for constructing site improvements. In many ways, construction staking can be seen as the opposite of the As-Built Survey. The As-Built Survey assesses a building or project after completion to ensure that is was built according to the plans. Construction staking is performed at the beginning of the project to make certain the project is built according to plan. Good construction staking will lead to a good As-Built Survey.