When it comes to hiring a land surveyor, you might need to consider, “Are there any land surveyors near me?” Hiring a local surveyor who has a familiarity with the local area can be invaluable. Sure, all land surveyors strive to do the best possible job for our clients and the general public, but having an intimate knowledge about the local area can be invaluable. One benefit of hiring a land surveyor near you is that he or she may have already done a lot of work in the area. For the land surveyors at Foresight Land Surveying, we love this because we already have collected a lot of the data we need to start the project. Not having to retrace a section (or more) means less time spent searching for and evaluating evidence. We like the wheel the way it is. There’s no sense in reinventing it every time if we don’t have to.

Another example is that during the United States Government surveys on the late 1800’s, different surveyors were hired or charged with surveying certain boundary lines. Some land surveyors surveyed the township lines, range lines, or the subdivision lines which divide a township into individual sections. Knowing the tendencies and practices they employed goes a long way towards evaluating evidence we find (or don’t find) in the field. Since all boundary determinations that land surveyors rely on is based on the best available evidence, knowing what may be a good corner and what may be suspiciously perfect comes in very handy and will result in a more accurate land boundary survey. If the tendency was to measure ten feet longer in certain townships, a red flag will go up if we measure between two found monuments that are ten feet short. Ten feet may be acceptable error to someone without intimate knowledge of the area and the manner on which the original surveys were conducted.

Not only for those reasons, but having a land surveyor near you is beneficial for years down the road. If you like the services provided by the surveyor, you’ll be more likely to recommend him to friends and family. When this happens, not only will you benefit from his knowledge and experience, but the surveyor’s knowledge and experience of the local area will grow, as well. It’s a win-win. It will allow him to serve his community in the best possible way and honor the surveyors of old and the original intent of those whose footsteps he’s following.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of hiring a local land surveyor is the reduction in cost. Land surveyors charge fees that are in alignment with the service we provide. Most land surveyors I know don’t charge by the acre, but rather by the amount of work required to complete the survey. While we employ science and mathematics, land surveying is not an exact science. We evaluate all available evidence and then make boundary determinations based on our findings. If we already have a solution or in-depth knowledge of a certain tract of land, it can help us to more accurately prepare a quote. If we come out and are surprised by the terrain or vegetation or recent work being done on a highway, these surprises may change the amount of work we have to put in and will likely drive up the cost of the survey.

It’s always a good idea to hire a land surveyor near you so that you can take full advantage of their knowledge and experience.