Foresight Land Surveying is one of the many businesses determined to be an essential business and is permitted to maintain regular operations during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. While Oklahoma Governor Stitt has enacted a Safer At Home policy, we believe that as an essential business, the best thing we can do is continue to serve our clients. Engineers, Architects, and Land Surveyors have been deemed essential businesses due to the services we provide being directly tied to the overall health and safety of the public. In fact, this is one the main tenets of the profession and one that Foresight Land Surveying takes very seriously.
While we remain open, Foresight Land Surveying is taking precautions to ensure the health and safety of our clients and ourselves. We have closed the lobby to the general public, but in-person appointments can still be made by calling the office. In the field, we encounter fewer interactions than many service providers due to the remote nature of much of our work. Despite this, we still spand a lot of time travelling and are taking precautions there, as well. One of the things that immediately sets us apart when arriving on site is our policy to connect with clients. We won’t just show up and start surveying your land without letting our clients know that we are there. This protects the surveyors, the clients, and property such as fences, pastures, and livestock. When making contact with our clients, the surveyors of Foresight Land Surveying will maintain the minimum distance of six feet. This is not only to protect everyone from the physical threat of the virus, but to also ease the fears and calm the mind of those who may be struggling adjusting to this new way of life. We sanitize our equipment and vehicles daily. We have PPE available and on hand in the rare instances where we must make a closer contact.
As an essential business, Foresight Land Surveying is committed to the health and safety of everyone in the communities we serve throughout Oklahoma and will continue to strive to provide the best service and the best value possible for our clients.